Space Hulk


Troops’ review

The hybrids (weak aliens but carying powerful weapons)

The genestylers – strong aliens with lot of movement but only close combat abilities

Master Jack explaining the rules

Squad B with the sergeant

The Squad A with the captain

First causality – marine with bolter and +1 melee bonus

Flaming the central room for the first time – from there it will remain a hot zone of permanent fight

The strong ‘griff’ wasn’t that strong afterall and is the second causality:

Samuel leading the genesteelers armed with the book of rules and table of weapons’ rolls.

Jack pondering the situation and preparing a suicide-rush to the mission’s objective.

Heavy pressure on Squad B from the gate between them and the escape pod – the marines will never succeed taking control of the gate, ultimately leading to their demise.

Carefuly follow the rules under’s Jack surveillance:

Hybrids’ gonig down:

Squad B’s sergeant goes down:

Double flaming and a flamer in-between for the suicide-move which will achieve the mission’s objective.

The alien’s bacta-pod is burning:

Retreat is painful – many dices are rolled:

The situation becomes critical:

Pierre-Yvès comes with the cat – the one which a couple of days ago managed to hide between thin planks in the kitchen

Eric takes pictures also now:

The last marine makes a desperate run:

For some reasons these pictures were added at the end – the rules explaination by Jack at the beginning of the game:

The space marines with their ammunition before been placed on the map:

 The end?

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