Give me pictures!

A bunch of photos I flushed out of my cell. I will comment eventually, but some are pretty self-explanatory.
Betty’s red lights decoration of a round/flat bush in front of her house, across the street from my house.
While weeding the garden I digged up this weed which root is ridiculously long.
The bus at London-heatrow airport driving on the left side of the road (by night).
Seatac airport mid-december, before dawn and already crowded.
Snow in my front yard, earlier in January. As usual many didn’t get to work this day.
Burgers and soda – right at my arrival at JFK I’m already surrounded by bad food.
View from the window at the SPA hotel in Vals, Switzerland.
Walking with my parents and my sister Sarah. Some mountain shots, including the moon. As usual the moon looked much bigger IRL than in the resulting photo.
Views from inside the room – a remodeled one – and the always crowded parking, as well as the ugly facade of the annex of the hotel.
Back in Bellevue there was quite some debris out of the last storm. No damage although.
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