Super bowl and more

I’ve met David from Nero again Friday night. Good talks and also I earned a small rice cooker in the operation! 🙂
I had 7 friends on Sunday to watch the super bowl… and enjoy food from various cultures (Chinese, Ukrainien, US).
Work is a frenzy lately. However it seems I am about to bandaid the shortage of dev mainpower through temporary staffing until we get actual recruits. Interviews have been unsuccessful so far as Microsoft’s bar is pretty high. Some interesting international prospects are coming in although, but they will need time to get on site for interview. Maybe we’ll use the new Vancouver development center afterall?
Pressure went up also for our neighboor team working on flash storage as they did not get their act together on several projects. I was asked by our director of development to help them drive their project documentation to completion ASAP. Maybe Robin will find a changed storage team at his return?
Two wind storms lately, but my home has not been affected so far.
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