The return of the Jediscape

Yes it’s spring in Redmond:

And a couple of weeks later, we got this (heavy snowing, overnight):

Ly gave me some plants for free while we discussed plans from the front yard:

This dude is the nasty and resilient weed that has been invading my yard:

Some gardening after the snow, moving some bulbs in the frontyard to the backyard as everything will be redone in the front:


Betty and Ly helped me trim the rose bush:

Ly dropped some plants in advance as we were discussion the front yard plan:

I finally got to empty the font flower buckets – the rain water does not get there so the dirt gets completely dry and compact.

This plant came back from nowhere. We will need to move it elsewhere however to make room for the new front bushes.

  The round flower bed around the huge pine tree in the frontyard is still invaded by weeds:


With Ly I also discussed making an area with crushed rock for the trash bins, hidding them behind additional evergreens / emeraldgreens:

This is the frontyard before the new landscape:



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