Gruesome statistic

Viewer caution: not for the fainted hearts.
So I was watching this history channel documentary about russian spying around the second world war and they quoted the death tolls of Hiroshima and Nagazaki nuke bombing. Looking at the american cheering over Japan’s surrender, I wondered how did this horror compare to Nazi’s death camp toll? I looked up wikipedia’s page on the holocaust. It took seven years* to Hitler and the Nazis to do the death toll the american did in 3 days. And this the next day from watching a 9-11 documentary where Ben Laden was quoted for his "let’s bring to the american what they did to us" and "america has a culture of live, we have a culture of death". Culture of life? Really?
Maybe I’d better go back to a fantasy world and switch to cartoon network channel… (And american parents complaining about violent Japanese anime.)
*: Statistic from 33 to 40. After the II world war stated, the holocaust pace picked up drastically.
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