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9, the magic number

4 direct reports, 2 contingency staff employees, 1 vendor, and two additional full time employees (assigned for a few months to our projects to improve the product’s quality). That’s it, I’m distributing work for more people than I think I … Continue reading

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Weeehuu, green card

I have it! No longer need any special document to work, any visa to travel, I’m almost a free man (I still need not to go out of the immigration administration radar for too long).

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4th of July fireworks of downtown Bellevue

Sadly we couldn’t get to the Microsoft Lincoln tower as it has been reserved for a "VP private event" (gezzzz), but still we could catch it from the Bellevue Square top level parking. Samuel took a series of shots with … Continue reading

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4th of July BBQ

  This is from left to right, Steven, Sharon’s friend Karyn, Sharon, Paul’s girlfriend, Paul.   And Vlad, Grigory, Grigory’s wife Julia:     Samuel and Vlad discussing digital SLR, which Grigory joining them shortly:   Sharon, taking a break: … Continue reading

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Model airplane flight test

We also had competition from ‘slightly’ larger and higher airplanes.   Let’s try some videos… well not. Windows Live doesn’t support hosting those 😦    

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Grass sun-burned

Just one hot week-end and lots of yellow patches already

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Digital camera tests & Wendy’s

At the photo store in down town Bellevue, just a little bit north of Lincoln square, trying the Panasonic TMZ-5 (eventually purchased), Canon Rebel XTi, Powershot G9 and Samuel’s Nikon D20 for comparison:   And then let’s introduce Samuel to US’ … Continue reading

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Microsoft tower in downtown Bellevue

A few days ago we went to the top of the new Microsoft tower in downtown Bellevue (that’s in Lincoln square). They actually have a cafeteria there, with some outdoor patio too. Very very nice view of everything around.   … Continue reading

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Now this below, is pure bragging. It was my first day golfing, and I barely hit the ball :p

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And for tomorrow…

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