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Underwhelmed flags of our fathers

Tonight I watched at home the DVD of "Flags of our fathers" from Clint Eastwood. I was underwhelmed and disappointed. I had high expectations given Clint Eastwood’s past track as a director. Maybe too high. I found the constant flash-backs … Continue reading

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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

  Sometimes you’ll be surprized what you find in MS’ internal newsletters: YouTube – An Engineer’s Guide to Cats 

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Oops, an unexpected 22 foot guest

Today a 22 foot long branch from a pine tree crashed onto the bushes along the metal fence with my neighbor. All things considered, the damage is not much compared to what it could have been.

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Press coverage of our work   The news is out, the press catched on the Beta website announcement. Of course, putting ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Blu-Ray’ in the same paragraph had to create some emotion. Let’s see how much hype there is going to be … Continue reading

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Melting coconut oil and Slov

For those who were in Seattle this year, the coconut oil is melting again. Translation: we have above 90 F here.   I tried to fly the RC model ‘Slo-V’ again this afternoon. I’m definitively not as skilled as Samuel … Continue reading

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Forget Vista, get Mojavee instead

Often non-Microsoft friend get to ask me how do you feel about Vista and "all its problems". Or "my mac is so much better than Vista". So yes, you can attempt to argue with them, to little result. Or, you … Continue reading

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RC model plan parts

Finally I got myself to stop by the model shop in Bellevue. The propeler, rear wing and main frame are ordered (the shop keeper did not have this model parts in stock), they costed only ~$22. I should have the … Continue reading

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