Forget Vista, get Mojavee instead

Often non-Microsoft friend get to ask me how do you feel about Vista and "all its problems". Or "my mac is so much better than Vista". So yes, you can attempt to argue with them, to little result. Or, you can have them (who typically never touched Vista themselves) try ‘Mojavee’, the new operating system that kicks butts (Mac included).
(And yes computers geeks, this is old news / I’m lagging and you guys have probably seen it already.)
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One Response to Forget Vista, get Mojavee instead

  1. Pat says:

    News to me for one, yes thank you.
    I\’d expect this same result for the new Windows Office 2007. That face is such a far quantum leap ahead of Windows Office 2003 that in my own life I\’ve been pushing Mac folk to run Windows just so they can experience the new face of office (which confusingly and unbelievably actually is missing from Mac Office 2008, which was what I first bought to look for it).

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