Melting coconut oil and Slov

For those who were in Seattle this year, the coconut oil is melting again. Translation: we have above 90 F here.
I tried to fly the RC model ‘Slo-V’ again this afternoon. I’m definitively not as skilled as Samuel to prepare it. I put the propeller on the wrong side, so no take off at all first. Then I couldn’t get why the plane would stear excessively right and crash even faster when I tried to rescue it. Eventually I figured out that not only did I not calibrate the rear wing well, but additionally I inverted the two stearing engines when moving then from the old broken frame to the new one. Well eventually it flew two flights, one which landed almost right.
The park official RC fly zone requires a double registration. First the king county required AMA license, then an additional specific license for this field so you can fly any day of the week and not just a couple of them. I’ll have to think twice about it. These licenses may end up costing as much as the model itself, and yet Samuel wouldn’t be allowed to fly in the park when he visits.
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