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Peeing in a violin and pissing into the wind

Today I learned how to translate the French "pisser dans un violon" (litteraly, peeing in a violin) to English: Pissing into the wind.   I’ll go to bed less stupid tonight! :p

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Peter’s principle & former French president Chirac

It is rather well known in France that former president Chirac before he became president was speaking of the tendancy in public system of employees of the state to raise in hierachy until they reach the level at which they … Continue reading

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Recent pictures

First pictures for the blossom in the garden:       Then new awards at work for shipping products and filling patents:     A full trash load from the 22 foot long pine branch that felt, and damage to … Continue reading

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Apple’s gift to Vista’s users

      Poor Apple engineers walked into a pool of mud releasing their latest iTunes software, happily sending the users of Vista, their enemy’s OS, to crash their system. I love the mock-up screenshot:  

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Katie Downs waterfront restaurant in Tacoma

Here is a place to remember:   A nice place on the waterfront, looking like a little castle hovering over water, good food – actually great for the reasonnable prices. The walk along the waterfront is ok, although … Continue reading

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2 open positions in my team

Okay, here we go again. I have two open ‘heads’ (meaning head-count) in my team to work on cdrom.sys (primarily) and a little bit of IMAPI (our CD / DVD / Blu-ray Disc recording API). Feels like January, but with … Continue reading

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