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Warm initial press response to Windows 7 from PDC

That’s it. Our marketing folks… Ooops sorry, our VPs have made their song and dance of Windows 7 to the press at PDC. Initial response seems very enthusiastic, and that’s somewhat expected. The quality of the internal builds even before … Continue reading

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New pro portrait

I have an official professionally taken portrait picture now. I’m using two as profile picture here. The picture was taken in the context of a recruiting campaign for our Windows storage group at Microsoft.  

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Two poker wins

I won money twice at poker last week, actually for every tournament I joined.   On Wednesday there was an exceptional $20-in-the-pot / $20-bounty tournament where you win a bounty everytime you knock out a player. I knocked out 3 … Continue reading

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Let’s talk politic… No, not the presidential

I guess it’s my day for article referencing.   This one is an interesting educational article about Microsoft learning its lessons and Google getting schooled.

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Apple response to MS’ Ad campaign, beside the point but still hillarious

Who said Microsoft engineers don’t have humour?   Apple’s respond Ad on PC spending more money on Ad than fixing bug is completly unfounded yet hilarious.     And then the Mr Bean Ad. I didn’t know I had such … Continue reading

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Encore une photo de BBQ qui trainait par la

  Et hop un David tout ebloui !

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Random old pictures from earlier in 2008

The terasse from an italian cafe-restaurant where Sharon and myself had lunch a while back already. Bright sun and cristal clear sky that day.   Two plants that my neighboor Betty suggested given me. Ly the landscape guy decided to … Continue reading

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