Some news

So we received a marriage license this Tuesday, and we need to schedule the ceremony. XiaoBei needs to shop for a dress but she’s very undecided. We also need to shop for rings and ensure our few guests can all make it to the week-end we choose.
The bed ordered at Woodshed has arrived – it looks beautiful. Four chairs are delayed, so you’ll be waiting a little more.
Ly came to clean up the garden as the winter is about over. The grass is taking back a little bit of its green color, and some bushes are flowering already. Ly also clear the grass aroung the apple tree as recommended by the arborist. He finally move next to the mapple tree the excess plant from my neighoor Betty than was planned for addition for so long. He’ll need to come back to clear the drive way, patio and roof of moss that has been growing over this winter.
Yesterday night I finish 4th at the poker tournament and make some cash again. It’s the 3 time this year.
Roger Barnett is here this morning to trim the large pine trees, so hopefully I’ll stop seeing heavy branches falling and damaging my yard.
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One Response to Some news

  1. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    Tu prendras stp quelques photos de tous ces travaux? Des fleurs qui pointent déjà leur nez dans ton jardin? ici, dès qu\’on grimpe un peu, il y a encore de la neige et, même dans la plaine, le sol est encore gelé. Même pas l\’ombre d\’une perce-neige. les Linthalois

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