It’s a girl!

So we went to the doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and although we thought we wouldn’t get an ultra-sound, we did. Our experience this time was way better than previously. Finally someone looked like she cared. So we got an ultra-sound scheduled… four times 🙂 First a nurse scheduled an ultra-sound for in two weeks. Then the doctor got us a last minute spot in the radiology building – although with a likely hour wait line. Then as we were about to check out from obstretric-gynecology, the doctor told her the staff person for the local ultra-sound (in the ob-gyn building) had a 10 minutes window to check if the baby was advanced enough so that the full ultra-sound exam made sense (and avoid that we wait for no reason if the baby was still too small). The ultra-sound technician first felt she could only make a quick exam to check the overall size of the baby, then started taking a picture, then another, then do measurements…. and she ended up doing the full exam! Only one picture from profile was forgotten, so we finally got a fourth ultra-sound schedule, this time for a month from now, when we will see a doctor again and when the baby will be even bigger and better for that particular picture.
So… it’s a she, it’s a girl!
Also, the due date was corrected to July 31st, slightly ahead of the previously guessed first half of August.
We have 3 printed pictures from the exam, and I also captured her hearbeat sound on my cell phone thanks to XiaoBei’s directions. We’ll connect her computer scanner later and try to share the pictures.
Btw Samuel, you’ve been officially selected as potrait-photograph for our daughter, so better get to Washington with your full gears! 😉 And include what you need to try gray-scale pictures too.
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2 Responses to It’s a girl!

  1. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    Une mère, une soeur, une épouse, et bientôt une fille … oh là là, mon pauvre ! ça va être ta fête. En tout cas, sois la bienvenue, petite burgette! et en attendant, profite bien du ventre de ta maman. Gros bisous

  2. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    j\’oubliais : + une belle-mère et aussi une tante 🙂

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