The weather is finally getting warm and my front yard is all colors:
With XiaoBei, we are adding a lawn hedge around some of the flower beds to try to stop the bark from going everywhere. Hopefully this will also disuade one of my neighbors from having his dog poo every day on my flowers…
Special for mom, tulips!
And now our unwanted new guest the wood pecker. No picture of the bandit himself, but evidence of his crime:
Ok, this picture refuses to go where it should…
On our way to get lunch while shopping, phone call from France for 45 minutes.
Then cleaning up my closet from clothes which are either used up or too small – and one pile of pants to go:
Another picture which disobey:
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One Response to News

  1. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    Mais il n\’y a pas un chat dans la galerie marchande !!! Ils ont ouvert exprès pour vous ? Et alors, ce n\’était pas bien d\’avoir des nouvelles de France ? Les fleurs de ton jardin sont superbes. Grrrrrrrrrrrr pour les chiens du voisinage. Quant au pic, as-tu idée comment déloger ce monsieur ? Une vraie catastrophe, cet oiseau.

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