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Port townend

This memorial day week-end we went for the first time in a together get away since we married. We spent the night at a castle-hotel in Port Townsend. We explored the city and a nearby national park. I have posted … Continue reading

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First BBQ of the year

Wow, first BBQ of the year and what a BBQ. Highest attendance ever. Delicious grilling, plenty of sun, fun games. We’ll have to do this again… after we move!

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Sam special, F-16 model with afterburner

And a special for Samuel. A dash up in category for model air fight. I’m not flying our rotor plane against this!    YouTube – F-16 model with afterburner! 

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Special for Ben

You don’t like EasyJet? Well you are not the only one:  

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Meaning of 李乐 Li-Le

(English version below) 乐 ‘Le’ veut dire ‘heureux’. Cela peut aussi dire ‘musique’. C’est un nom au genre neutre (i.e. pas masculin ni feminin).  Son nom de famille ‘Li’ 李, est l’un des plus commun en Chine. C’est le nom de … Continue reading

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