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David learns how to prepare home-made dumplings

This sunday for the first time I wrapped my first home-made dumplings with my in-laws and XiaoBei. We stuffed dumplings with pork and vegetables. Everything was home-made and hand-crafted, including the dough. I also got to work on Monday with … Continue reading

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The plan for the next few weeks

This week we signed our home purchase paper on Monday. After writing a big check, our bank accounts are near empty. Yesterday Thursday, we got the keys. We are now officially house rich and cash-poor. We stop by ‘our’ new home … Continue reading

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Cool tech: Microsoft’s project Natal

Ok, completely and shamelessly stealing from a colleague in Canada who digged up the links. No comment required, the videos will be pretty obvious.     YouTube – Microsoft’s Project Natal E3 Tech Demo    YouTube – NEW "Natal" Motion Camera … Continue reading

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Cell phone pictures

  I’ve just now transferred pictures taken from my cell phone a while back. There are a few from XiaoBei at the new Little Hot Pot restaurant which opened in Crossroads.     Then I also have funny pictures of a … Continue reading

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Microsoft ‘fix it’

This issue of disappearing CD DVD drives (because some 3rd party filter driver didn’t migrate well) has been plaguing our team for a long time. We had a KB article for people to help themselves for a long time, but it … Continue reading

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