The plan for the next few weeks

This week we signed our home purchase paper on Monday. After writing a big check, our bank accounts are near empty. Yesterday Thursday, we got the keys. We are now officially house rich and cash-poor. We stop by ‘our’ new home yesterday evening – it got professionally cleaned on Wednesday, they only forgot the garage.
XiaoBei also check-out from Olympia’s St. Pete’s hospital and meet with her new doctor in Bellevue, yesterday as well. We’ll use Overlake hospital for Lile’s arrival.
We are moving in next week during the week, me first then XiaoBei. I’ve also worked with the different utility companies to get things in place – only comcast hasn’t confirmed yet. I also need to get the furnace and water heater contractor to execute on the work I agreed with him earlier. And get our handyman to come fix various small things around the house.
Then the week after next, XiaoBei’s parents arrive on Monday. They got their visa approved a few weeks ago. Plane ticket is bought, train ticket to the airport in China might still need to be bought.
At work, it’s yearly assessment and calibration days. Yeah, in case I had not enough fun, here’s some more…
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