Recent pictures

Some pictures of recent events. Live Spaces did not upload them in order, so it is going to be a little confusing
As XiaoBei and I install the crib, I am reading the instructions for the next step.
This is the fisher-price infant rest in sheep skin imitation. It vibrates and plays music.
This is when we applied the wood "prep" for the deck. The solution had to be shampooed for 15 minutes without interruption.
XiaoBei’s mom was helping by washing the deck after it got shampooed.
Wasir the handyman in the background. He didn’t like this project much, as it was a very repetitive task in which we had to bend and scrub all the time.
Our pack’n’play assembled in the formal living room.
Eating a peach during a break from deck scrubbing.
Monkey makes a demonstration of how to use the changing table.
Monkey makes a demon how to use the infant car seat. This is nice and thight.
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2 Responses to Recent pictures

  1. Guillaume says:

    bon et ben bravo, plus qu a te souhaiter bon courage. Mais quasi tous les papas s´y font apparement, alors je vois pas pourquoi pas toi!

  2. Guillaume says:

    Bonjour à ta douce au passage

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