We are home

Today around noon we came home from the hospital with Leila. It took a little while to get all the different doctors and nurses to do their stuff before we were allowed to leave, but it’s done now.
XiaoBei and Leila took refuge in the house’s basement as the temperature outside is breaking a historical record according to the news – and indeed it’s very hot. I am trying to get an A/C installed. All shops I contacted are out of portable A/C, so I am trying to get a central A/C – more efficient of course, and also helping everyone not just Leila’s room, but much more expensive also.
More pictures to come.
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One Response to We are home

  1. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    T\’étais déjà un super grand-frère pour moi; maintenant t\’es en plus un super mari pour XiaoBeï et un super papa pour Leïla ! Mais n\’oublie pas de prendre aussi soin de toi et de te reposer de temps à autre. Bon courage !

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