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Bathroom fixing

A plastic-faking-tiles panel above the tub came loose recently. I noticed it as I was re-chaulking the sinks and tubs in the house. It allows water to pass through and needed immediate fixing. I got liquid nail – some kind of … Continue reading

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More weight and some fussy nights

Leila on her 2-weeks weight check on Monday measured 8 lb and 3 oz, or 3.71 kg, up from about 7 lb and 12 oz, or 3.5 kg at birth. She’s been feeding a lot.   Last few nights were … Continue reading

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Sleeping well and gaining weight

Alright, I’ve been asked to set a few points straight. Leila is gaining weight, we are well passed the initial weight loss issues. Milk is here :p Our next check-up is Monday, and we also intend to restart working at … Continue reading

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