Bathroom fixing

A plastic-faking-tiles panel above the tub came loose recently. I noticed it as I was re-chaulking the sinks and tubs in the house. It allows water to pass through and needed immediate fixing. I got liquid nail – some kind of slow taking but strong glue – to put the panel back in space. Because the panel is only slightly flexible, and the gap is close to a 90 degree corner, I couldn’t use the normal chaulk gun directly and had instead to put glue on a spatula then try to slip it in. A little messy, but a few days later I could scape the excess off.
However while I proceeded with old chaulk removal around the tub, I noticed that the part where the water comes into the tub kept wet for a long time. So I took it out.
I was able to remove the chaulk well at most places.
But some places just won’t let go of the chaulk.
That’s the water pipe where I am wondering if the water is leaking back into the wall. 
That’s the piece looking from the back. The lower third had obvious brown traces of water and was wet. There isn’t supposed to be any water there (the picture is taking after removing the water, chaulk and brown traces).
I’m not too sure what to do now. Is it enough for me to chaulk it and put it back in place? Or should I do something more first?
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