Thanksgiving week

This week in US is Thanksgiving week. For the third year in a row, and the second one with XiaoBei, I went on Thanksgiving day to Gloria and Larry Newby, friends introduced to us by David Walp.
For the first year however I camped out in front of Bellevue’s Best Buy shop from 2:30 am onward to get one of the doorbuster’s laptop deal – a fine 16" Toshiba for just $500, together with carrying case and multifunction printer-scanner from HP. I got lucky – got a ticket from a couple who got a couple and took only one laptop; it seems that people needed to come arond 10 or 11pm the previous day to start waiting to get a shoot at the very few doorbuster deal tickets, and yet that was only for the less desired ‘combo’ deals. For the laptop tickets alone, rumor has it that you had to come between 6 and 8 pm to start waiting. The ticket distribution was around 3 or 3:30 am, for a door opening at 5 am.
I made good progress in the backyard trimming the pear trees, especially the one which was completely out of shape and which now is about half the height it used to me.
Unfortunately both XiaoBei and I got a laryngitis, probably caught from Alex at the Thanksgiving party. We’re not too bad, although our throats are pretty soar, we cough, etc… Leila has no fever, and luckily we have the 4 months check-up appointement to the pediatrician just tomorrow, so she will be able to say whether Leila has the virus also or not.
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