4 months check-up for Leila, H1N1 vaccin for the parents

Leila got her 4 months check up yesterday. She was weighted at 15 pounds 8 ounces (90 percentile) and measured at 26 1/4 inches (95 percentile). Head’s cicumference is 42 (75% percentile) – so not such a big head :p We started her on rice cereal mixed with formula to initiate the transition to solids. The pediatrician also said that appearance of strabism so far is not a concern, because infants tends not to be able to maintain attention long enough so it will look like they have strabism. However, the pictures in the next two months are to be observed, for this time it would be a concern as her ability to pay attention should be there. So Grand Dad, looks at future pictures of Leila when posted, just in case you guys were not already looking at them too much.
Today XiaoBei and I went to the doctor, in Renton, to check what’s going on with our cold. Apparently nothing bacterial, just a virus, and not the H1N1 virus. So no specific drugs. We also got the nasal spray of H1N1 vaccin, so we have to be careful not to contaminate others in the next few days. We could look for H1N1 flu shot for Xiaobei’s parents, as they qualify to the priority list but they should not get the live vaccin due to their age and health condition.
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One Response to 4 months check-up for Leila, H1N1 vaccin for the parents

  1. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    Moi? regarder ta fille? JAMAIS ! Tout au plus ma petite-fille 🙂 Papa

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