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First time ever, for a can

XiaoBei’s first time to open a can, ever. Seriously. Now stop laughing David, drop the camera and help me open it. And this silly monkey-husband is even posting the pictures online.  

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Fiberglass blow-out

And that is only the first trip out of three. 8 bags of compact fiberglass insulation, although I ended up using only six of them. The ‘Atticat’ system for blowing insulation is sure pretty clean, efficient and easy to use for … Continue reading

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Fixing stuff

Fixed a drawer door in the bathroom recently. I already forgot the english name for that convenient thin stick of wood used to fill gaps left by old screws, so you can screw again at the same position. Works like … Continue reading

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Mussels from Whole Foods and recipe from Foodnetwork

Add one recipe to our cookbook. Nothing exceptional from the name of it – mussels in white wine sauce, a classic. However when you get prime quality mussels from whole foods, recipe from foodnetwork ( which seems to have a … Continue reading

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Christmass dinner picture

Just a group picture taken on Christmass before savouring Li Xiao’s birthday cake. The picture is taken at her place.  

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Hollow garage walls

After completing the fix of the fresh water pipes in the garage, I inspected the walls and found they were hollow – insulation is completely absent… Congrats to the builder…  

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