Fixing stuff

Fixed a drawer door in the bathroom recently. I already forgot the english name for that convenient thin stick of wood used to fill gaps left by old screws, so you can screw again at the same position. Works like a charm.
Also replaced the broken pipe & antifreeze faucet in the basement. I first though I needed to cut the pipe further up, for which I obtain clearance from the city build inspector to use shark bite rather than copper soldering. However, after a second discussion with the folks at home depot, it turned out I simply needed threaded connections and no soldering or anything like it. Still, the hole in the wall for the previous faucet wasn’t aligned with the plumbing inside, so I had to cut some wood before I could get the new faucet in place. In the meantime I closed the gap with foam, although not yet taken a picture of it. I also need to put a layer of paint.
Finally, but that was completed several days ago, I fixed the piping in the garage. Larger number of connections to fix there, and a new drainage valve, but PVC was much easier to work with than steel and copper.
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