A somewhat silly post about our new car

I’m in vacation, so let’s spend some time blogging about no very important and mostly random things.

My new LG Windows 7 Series phone turned useful today, letting me check gas prices on the go. Instead of our local gas station which charges $3.29 per gallon, I went to safeway for $2.949 a gallon, quite a difference. Still, with over 18 gallons to fill this big SUV’s gas tank, that’s $54,02 for the first fill up.

Also a few days ago I got door edge guards from the auto part store Shuck’s O’Reilly. At only $2.59 a part, it’s quite a saving over what car retailers charge to have them pre-installed. The specific model (Elegant USA, press-on door trim) they have in store however was a bit short for the fairly large doors of the Mazda CX-9 despite been for ‘cars, trucks and SUVs’, especially for the back doors which go around the back wheels. I’ll have to get one extra to finish the job cleanly. The trim does look good and sturdy however, which is the only thing that really matters.

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