New appliances and furniture

Finally, the appliances we got at home depot during the black friday sales got delivered and installed… almost. The dishwasher being hardwired, we need to wait for an electrician to come disconnect the old unit and connect the new one. Still, the new fridge, range oven and microwave are here and working. We’ll have to relearn how to use our appliances, as the microwave is a bit stronger and we need to shorten our reheating time. Or the fridge, which freezer section is much better organized but a bit smaller. And the convection gas range-oven, which is a 180 departure from our old traditional electric oven.

I’ve being succesful selling our old appliances on craigslist for $350, a great deal thinking that appliance stores won’t give you anything at all for them.

Leila got a whole wood table and two chairs for toddler size too at costco. A great deal at the furniture is usually $100, a bit above amazon for similar items, but this week-end was just $50. We had no choice on color and had to take white (brown was still $100) but this actually matches the built-in cabinet of the kitchen. And Xiaobei installed Leila’s table in the small dining space next to the kitchen in the family room. The sofa section of our old couch got shipped down to our basement to make room for all these novelties. Our kitchen just doesn’t look the same anymore. And it’s all for the better.

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