The oddest e-mail thread titles

Sometimes an e-mail thread lands in your work mail box with the oddest of titles. Today I found this one:

“Pruning and grafting children”

Of course there were no children harmed during the making of this e-mail. The developper was taking about child elements in a hierachy system of user interface rendering where he was moving elements from one parent element to another one. Still, without the context when stubbling for the first time on that title, I wonder “what the heck…?

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One Response to The oddest e-mail thread titles

  1. nanegrub says:

    “La taille et le greffage des enfants”… Hum, en effet le titre est fort intéressant 🙂 Et vu combien votre premier produit pondu est réussi, vous devriez peut-être à présent songer à le tailler et à le greffer… de sorte que surgisse foule d’adorables petits produits made in Burgland 🙂

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