HP’s devious printing

This is a rant, not to be taken seriously.

We have this HP printer which came as part of a package. Actually, we have these TWO HP printers which both came as part of their own package. Just in case it wasn’t clear, we have not chosen HP printers because we felt HP were better, or even good.

Tonight one of them stopped printing in the middle of a multi-page document claiming it was out of ink. But which ink? As it has a color cartridge and a black one too. That is not possible to know with the default / minimum printer driver installed. (I do remember yanking HP’s software suite a while back for it prompts the user with commercial dialogs, which I fell is inappropriate for a device’s driver).

Now to get to know the ink levels you have to download a 250+ Mb package. I wonder how much junk is in that beside the handful of Mb, maybe the hundreds of Kb really needed to tell me ink levels.

Then after finding that it claims both cartridges to be empty (both at the same time, really?) And replacing the black one, it automatically prints an ‘alignment’ page. Thanks for wasting ink…

Now I tell that driver to print black and white but it stills complains that the printer is out of ink. What do I find? The default for black and white is “high quality grayscale”, i.e., use ink from the color cartridge. Sounds like high quality revenue for HP to me.

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