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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Two

This ought to please Ben: morally ambiguous characters. Goody-goody gets beheaded in the first season. And it’s only the beginning (David is at book 5, and the first book is very subtle compared to the blood bath from the 7 kingdoms’ war).

But the author (authors?) of this MTV article is an idiot: it’s all in the book, dumbass! So no, you are not doing big spoilers, they’re just following the book’s plot line. There’s no wanting for X or Y to die, and another to live. It’s already written. The only thing you really can wish upon is which TV rendering they give to the original book story line. The rest is utter non-sense. But hey, what can you expect but that from an MTV lowlife?

Hum, that was one nasty rant. Time to ease on the coffe. 🙂

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Wine cave listing

[x] 2007 Pommard 1er Cru, Les Bertins, Domaine Chantal Lescure. Drink before 2015, aerate 1 hour prior. Opened on 9/14/2012 – very nice, still had all its flavor without being overwhelming [x] 2006 Pommard 1er Cru, Les Bertins, Domaine Chantal … Continue reading

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Filet Mignon recipe

I’ve being following this recipe with a few modifications: I substitute Soy Sauce for the Worcestershire sauce. Initially I didn’t have Worcestershire sauce so tried the Soy Sauce. The resulting sauce was great. Eventually I bought Worcestershire sauce and tried … Continue reading

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Software engineers, they want you…

The market for software engineers is pretty active currently. I receive a new recruiter self-introduction every other day on Linked-in these past few weeks. Already last year Microsoft made a pretty significant salary adjustment to the market for Senior Software … Continue reading

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iPad 3 is bringing the spotlight on UI scaling

UI scaling, i.e. changing the scale of user interface elements to maintain given physical size to logical objects, is getting into the spotlight thanks to the recent release of the iPad 3. And yes, yet again a Windows 8 feature I worked on, that time as an individual contributor.

Btw, Xiaobei got herself an iPad 3, after I told her many months to wait then told her not to get the slightly discounted iPad 2 as the technical improvement of the third iteration were really worth the small price difference.

Now as I am just hitting my 3 years for PC hardware refresh*, I hope, although unlikely, that PC vendors will hurry to release retina-display for ultra-books, so I may catch one now, and not wait another 3 years to access the technology.

*: individual computers are typically being refreshed on a 3 years cycle at Microsoft, at least in the development teams I worked for so far.

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Simple cucumber gratin

Continuing on my search for recipes to both augment our catalog of side dishes and use the ingredients in the fridge, I found this simple yet savory cucumber recipe. In my opinion the recipe above serves 2, i.e. count … Continue reading

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Veal Scallopini, Curried Waldorf Salad and brown rice

I made no adjustment to these recipes, but they fit well together in my opinion, on top of being individually tasty. Veal Scallopini: Curried Waldorf salad:

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Why I am leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader

Why I am leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader. A somewhat unfair satyr of the trendy “Why i am leaving Goldman Sachs” in the NY Times, but still quite entertaining.

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Passport in transit

A dash behind schedule, I learnt today that my new French passport is in transit between San Francisco and Seattle. It will be there just in time to apply for a visa.

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“She is sharper than I thought.”

From Xiaobei: Leila found her baby’s red dress and she had Ms. Bonnie put it back in her cubby. This morning when she wanted to bring baby to school, I said no, you already lost baby’s clothes. she told me … Continue reading

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