iPad 3 is bringing the spotlight on UI scaling

UI scaling, i.e. changing the scale of user interface elements to maintain given physical size to logical objects, is getting into the spotlight thanks to the recent release of the iPad 3. And yes, yet again a Windows 8 feature I worked on, that time as an individual contributor.

Btw, Xiaobei got herself an iPad 3, after I told her many months to wait then told her not to get the slightly discounted iPad 2 as the technical improvement of the third iteration were really worth the small price difference.

Now as I am just hitting my 3 years for PC hardware refresh*, I hope, although unlikely, that PC vendors will hurry to release retina-display for ultra-books, so I may catch one now, and not wait another 3 years to access the technology.

*: individual computers are typically being refreshed on a 3 years cycle at Microsoft, at least in the development teams I worked for so far.

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