Corinne Narassiguin visit to Seattle, french deputy candidate


Of the different candidates and wannabe candidates for the first french election of deputies to citizen established in foreign countries, Mme Corinne Narassiguin’s proposition appears the most appealing. While I do not agree with a number of ideas from the ‘Parti Socialiste’ she belongs too, her propositions for us French living in foreign countries make the most sense. Her past experience at the “Assemblee des Francais de l’Etranger” and non-profit organization AFE shows; unlike other candidates, she seems to know what can be done and how to do it.

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7 Responses to Corinne Narassiguin visit to Seattle, french deputy candidate

  1. Guillaume ALLENET says:

    Une candidate au contact des français de l’étranger !

    N’hésitez pas à “aimer” sa page Facebook:
    et à visiter son site internet,

  2. Clémence says:

    Totally agreed! Her ideas on education for French people abroad are particularly well developed and from an egalitarian point of view. She keeps on going around the continent to share her views and refine her programme according to people needs and urges wherever they are ! Her propositions are feasible and meet our expectations and differences within the continent.

  3. daviburg says:

    To avoid any confusion, Clemence is part of Corinne’s team per

    Although I have not seen Guillaume listed on her team, he’s posting an answer from the same IP address.

    I do not mind their comments, but the readers may wish to know their background, in a spirit of neutrality.

    • Clémence says:

      Hi David, sorry Guillaume and I just live together as roomates. That’s all for the IP thing 🙂

    • Theo Chino says:

      Cher David,

      The association between IP and Person doesn’t respect neutrality but it is the same kind of guilt by association that the Music Industry or Geraldo go.


      • daviburg says:

        Sorry, it took me a while to approve Theo’s comment. I was out of the country on vacation and forgot to clear it at my return.
        Who / What is Geraldo?

  4. nanegrub says:

    Nous sommes heureux de te savoir de mieux en mieux intégré à la vie américaine et impliqué à fond dans ton travail mais nous ne te cachons pas notre joie de voir que tu restes attaché à tes origines françaises et que tu fais tout ton possible pour également transmettre cet héritage culturel à ta fille. Merci David et bravo !
    Papa & Maman

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