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So many ways, and one more (nullable bool)

Raymond was walking us back in 2004 through the history of boolean in programming. Some reader commented that he overlooked C# / managed code bringing up its own bool or System.Boolean

But even more interesting, C#, who originally simplified bool in the way that they may only be ‘true’ or ‘false’ with no funky C/C++ ‘false’ is 1 and ‘true’ is anything else yet I define ‘true’ to 1, now adds more complexity with nullable bool (declared as bool? _myVariableName_;). Now (nullable) bool can be true, false, or null (i.e. “I don’t know”). So if (!(_myVariableName_ == true)) does not only include the case where the boolean is false, but also the case where the boolean is null.

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If Barack is not American, Mitt Romney is a unicorn!

Why not? I guess someone asked Mitt if he was a robot, and he answered “I’m not a robot, I’m a unicorn!” ( )

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A voté

For the first time French living outside of France can vote for electing a deputy proper to their foreign location, and not ‘just’ for a deputy from where they used to live in France. For the first time too, you … Continue reading

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Done with book 5 (a dance with dragons) of the song of ice and fire series

Last week-end I just completed the book 5 of the song of ice and fire series. Book 4 was leaving the reader somewhat puzzled with a lot of the book’s characters in limbo. Book 5 may bring closure to some … Continue reading

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Book: Programming Windows Azure, Sriram Krishnan

At work every developer in the team got the book “Programming Windows Azure” by Sriram Krishnan. It’s from 2010, so we do expect that a number of things will already be obsolete as the cloud is evolving quickly. But our goal … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Windows HPC

For one of my current projects at work I get the chance to experiment with Windows HPC (High Performance Computing, the cluster computing offer from Microsoft see I was first confused by the offering of a Windows 2k8R2 HPC SKU, … Continue reading

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Unexpected good place for sushi

San Francisco with its important migrant community is a place where you expect to find quality asian cuisine. However, you might not have expected it at its airport. Well, Sankaku Wakaba (as per the receipt) also known as Wakaba Sushi … Continue reading

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