Unexpected good place for sushi

San Francisco with its important migrant community is a place where you expect to find quality asian cuisine. However, you might not have expected it at its airport. Well, Sankaku Wakaba (as per the receipt) also known as Wakaba Sushi & Noodle is a great place to go for sushi or sashimi during your travel. I did not try their noodles, and you can find online review from other guests who have being disappointed by the noodles. The sushi / sashimi is not cheap ($17.21 for a sashmi platter and small boll of rice), but you’re in an airport, so it is to be expected. The portions are not big, but stuffing your face is not what japanese cuisine is about (so hard core american eaters may want to move along).

On my second trip to San Francisco to deposit passports for a Chinese visa, I went back to Wakaba with no hesitation. They also have some chilled sake offering, which can help you kill time if your flight is late.

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One Response to Unexpected good place for sushi

  1. daviburg says:

    Oh, and btw for the uneducated customers who believe that California Roll is the finest of Japanese sushi, this sushi has been explicitly created in US for the american palet (in the 60ies or 70ies) and is NOT japanese cuisine. So don’t tell me you can judge the quality of their sushi if you ordered a California Roll…

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