Book: Programming Windows Azure, Sriram Krishnan

At work every developer in the team got the book “Programming Windows Azure” by Sriram Krishnan. It’s from 2010, so we do expect that a number of things will already be obsolete as the cloud is evolving quickly. But our goal is to build the team’s understanding of the fundamentals and principles behind the Microsoft cloud offering, so some obsolescence in the detail is ok.

I haven’t made it far in the book yet, but the history through comparison to other computing technologies in the first chapter was an interesting read to me. The author looks for the computing principles of cloud in existing time-sharing systems, mainframe computing, transactional computing and grid computing. He’s going with that as far back as the 1960s. But he’s also in this looking at technologies as new as 2008 (with Microsoft’s grid offering of HPC).

I found it disappointing that the Azure AppFabric is out of scope for the book, as its message bus became an integral part of building a good Azure application in my opinion. I don’t quite remember when the message bus was added to the AppFabric – maybe after the book’s write date, which may explain why there is no mention of it in the book.

More on this book later as I’ll make progress on my reading.

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