Oil Can Henry’s in Renton, WA – Friendly, clean but overpriced

I recently changed the oil of my Mazda CX-9 at Oil Can Henry’s in Renton as they sent me a discount coupon. Their advertisement claims the quality of a car dealer service but below the price of a car dealer service. Well, their non-discounted price is actually exactly the same as I pay at the Mazda dealer. Only the use of coupon or promotion make them ‘cheaper’, but the Mazda dealer send promotion and/or coupon as well.

Leila had to go to the restroom as we were waiting in line, so I could see their bathroom – and it’s very clean, better than I expected for a place servicing cars. The wait was quite long – between 45 minutes and an hour – as the place was busy. But the staff was friendly, and they hand you a daily newspaper while you wait. The wait is indeed more comfortable in your car than in would be in the dusty old and dirty waiting room at the Mazda dealer.

The cabin air filter was full of leaves and dust, and they offered to replace it for $49.99. It seemed overpriced, but I was there so told them to do it. Lucky me, they did not have the part in stock. I later found the part is only $8.40 on Amazon, with free shipping thanks to Xiaobei’s Amazon Prime membership. The filter came with instructions and pictures; it is very easy to replace and does definitively not justify paying $49.99.

In conclusion I would say Oil Can Henry’s in Renton is an ok place to go change your oil, but you better do it when you have a coupon. If their inspection find additional parts to replace or repair – take note and go do it yourself or somewhere else.

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