Not so japanese restaurant

Kobe Wellbeing Tonkatsu

We had dinner at this restaurant downtown of Bellevue, right off I-405 highway last night. But don’t be fooled by its name or menu, this is a Korean restaurant by staff and music (K-pop project on big screen). We went there because the restaurant got 5 out of 5 stars on Bing. Well as usual the online search engines score is overrated (we found that true of both Google and Bing). Both the sushi and the beef short-ribs dishes we ordered lacked the attention to details that define the japanese cuisine. The food wasn’t bad, but the sushi roll was overcomplicated, preventing the ingredients from shining. Finding a fish scale in my sushi didn’t help either. The beef was tasty, but unevenly seasoned.

Overall it’s not a bad restaurant, but definitively not deserving a top rating. Rather go to a korean restaurant that prepares korean cuisine, or a genuine japanese restaurant. This one is neither.

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