Food&Wine Wine Club wine selection ‘schame’ (shameful scam)

I don’t remember if I spent some air-miles to get Food&Wine magazine, or if someone kindly subscribed me to it. Regardless, I’m receiving their magazine every month for a while now, and on the cover they appear to have interesting recipes (although I did not yet tried a single one…). Now they are advertising in the November edition -never mind we’re just in October- a 6-bottle wine selection at the discount price of $59. (Plus a tote and glasses you don’t need, thus valued IMHO at a generous $0.00 minus waste disposal fee). So I looked up the wine bottles in their editors’ selection, thinking that they would indeed offer you quality wines at a discount price to get you hooked on a subscription. Because of course it’s not really a $59 package, it’s a quarterly $90 + shipping subscription. The idea being that you would subscribed then immediately terminate the subscription after the arrival of the discounted package. Well, first wine is listed online at $5. That sets the tone. The following ones were a bit better, with prices in the $15-range. But anyway, it’s pretty clear this ‘deal’ is a shameful scam.

For reference, don’t buy

Lesson of the day: go to Safeway next door (in Newcastle), talk to the wine guy who’s going to point you to the real deals.

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