Anime worth watching, not for the faint of heart

This video is a spoiler, and also violent material not suitable for all audiences.

Violence in Asian anime is nothing new. Ninja and Samurai in them either, most often than not erring in complete fantasy. Naruto is a widely popular example, but soft-, teenager-audience violence. Basilik, available on NexFlix, based on the 1950’s historical fantasy novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls is in my opinion for an adult-audience only. I actually abandonned the series first after watching the first episode and being disappointed by mediocre drawing technique, apparently base-less violence and apparent lack of plot. I was however intrigued by the character of Hattori Hanzō, who seem to disappove of the opening fight scene. So later resume watching the series, and was mesmerized by the build-up around Kouga Gennosuke’s fighting technique. While most other ninjas are opening bragging about their ability and taunting others, similar to Hanzo, Gennosuke remain imperturbable. Until this…

Note: this video clip is in awfully low definition, spoiling some of the fun. If you know of a link to a HD version of this, please share.

You can also find Basilik on Imdb. The episodes are of uneven quality. The series has a lot more potential than it achieves, but nevertheless some of the amazing built-up -and the holy sh** reveal moments- are worth the time spent watching.

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