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“…working together and Sinofsky had his middle finger extended”

That’s a former boss I’m glad to see go. I’m however not too sure how his replacement, Julie Larson-Green, will do. She’s at core an UI person. Windows 8 UI needs much finishing work for the next iteration of Windows … Continue reading

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Choppy start for Washington State Licensing “License Express”

The Washington State Licensing department has started a new online service called “License Express” in which you can identify yourself, associate your vehicles with your identity, all so that you are easily renew them online. Except that the renewal step … Continue reading

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Samsung fishing for your contacts on product registration – shame on them!

As I attempted to register my Samsung home appliance I noticed they wanted to us my Windows live account and get a read access to my contacts list. No way! Once I rejected the fishing for my contacts, Samsung’s website … Continue reading

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Pecan nuts chocolate cake for Xiaobei’s birthday (French recipe) For the dough I slightly increased the butter and chocolate to match a standard US stick of butter (113g) and standard baking chocolate size (113g as well). I increased the cooking temperature to 350 F (325F in our convection … Continue reading

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