Pecan nuts chocolate cake for Xiaobei’s birthday (French recipe)

For the dough I slightly increased the butter and chocolate to match a standard US stick of butter (113g) and standard baking chocolate size (113g as well). I increased the cooking temperature to 350 F (325F in our convection oven) and increased the duration to 37 minutes (the cake middle was still ticking to a chopstick when tested at 30 minutes). I reduced the chocolate and butter for the topping to 3/4 of original amount, and likely it could still be reduced to half from the original recipe amount. I used more pecan nuts for decoration. Xiaobei posted a picture of the cake on Facebook, although it broke as I removed it from the dish, so it didn’t look perfect.

I used “100%” cocao baking chocolate, so the bitterness of dark chocolate was taste-able. Great for grown-ups, but Leila was somewhat disappointed. Also she did not swallow the pecan nut crumbs but instead spit them out – so note to self, no nuts in Leila’s cake.

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One Response to Pecan nuts chocolate cake for Xiaobei’s birthday (French recipe)

  1. Nanegrub says:

    ça sent le chocolat jusqu’en France 🙂 miam !

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