Horror around the house: termites!

Uh, a few days ago I realize that our outdoor stairs around the house were in bad shape and treacherous in the night, so I convinced Xiaobei that we need them repaired or replaced (and some lighting added). As a first potential contractor thought of the existing steps as hard to removed, and I disagreed, I went on to try removing some by myself. Removing a couple of the rotten steps was easy, but horror! What do I see? Termites, and many, many of them. I immediately went to ServiceMagic to get in touch with pest control professional to get some help assessing the extend of the disaster and steps to resolve it. I expect all of the existing wood construction in touch with dirt will have to go (something Xiaobei reminded me I pointed as a bad design when we moved in 3 years ago).

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One Response to Horror around the house: termites!

  1. Nanegrub says:

    Affreuses bestioles ! Bon courage, David !

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