We just made history, again

… by being dummies. And to increase our embarrassment, someone thought we ought to go public on Wikipedia to document our stupidity. Yah, so proud of working here I am going to be stupid as well and blog about it. Welcome to the company of stupid.

After years the republicans in the US figured out (or did they?) that they need to stop being the stupid party ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/13/bobby-jindal-gop_n_2121511.html ). I wonder how long it will take Microsoft to figure out it needs to stop being the stupid company. Especially our top executive who can claim to be lucky ( http://money.cnn.com/2011/10/18/technology/microsoft_ballmer_web2/index.htm ) but who really is looking stupid:

Loses Nearly $1B per Quarter for Microsoft

– Windows Phone stuck at single digit market share

Windows Vista debacle

Windows 8 debacle

– the list goes on and on…

Are we being “strategic” or are we just being plain old stupid? Time to wake the hell up.

Let’s do more hits (C# -#1 programming language by popularity-, Kinect -took gaming by storm-, Visual Studio 2012 -developer goodies overload-, the new Azure -finally understands the enterprise needs-) and start freaking learning from our misses.

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2 Responses to We just made history, again

  1. Leonid Rosenboim says:

    No worries, you’re in good company.
    While Softie is losing money in Bing, trying to eat some of Google’s lunch, Google is losing money on Android, trying to eat Softie’s lunch.
    Is it a war of attrition or a pissing contest ? Go figure …

    • daviburg says:

      There is some truth to that, although Android is eating much more of Apple’s lunch that Microsoft’s. Android phones did took the crown from iPhones. I expect Google get more leverage from a more diverse phone market, allowing more leverage on things like Google maps, famously pulled out of the iOS to return as an app. I can see merit to that.
      Bing remains a distant second to Google search. The treat that search will render the rest of computing software or operating systems irrelevant has long being disproved now. So why are we beating a dead horse?
      Microsoft ought to be in both the phone and tablet market. I am not questioning that. But our attempts at phone have horrible fundamental flaws (quality issues pre-win 7 series, app-eco system emptiness for win 7, and apparently a return of quality issues with win 8 phones). Our tablet story still need major work – and we already late to the market. Oh we are last, but are we cool?

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