Kugelhopf like Gran’pa used to do it

This is a traditional alsacien recipe which my dad frequently did. This afternoon we went shopping at TJ Max in Bellevue Factoria and I stumbled on a Kugelhopf form in the clearance section. I couldn’t resist. Epicurious recipe was pretty much on point, it tastes very much like what I remember of Kugelhopf.

The credit for the baking itself goes to Sanae, who pointed out that after 15+16 minutes the probing stick came back with no dough. Just like the comments on Epicurious, the cooking time should be reduced.

Also, I used pecan nuts instead of almonds as I did not have almonds handy. I used the non-stick baking spray for the form, and it did came out perfectly.

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One Response to Kugelhopf like Gran’pa used to do it

  1. Nanegrub says:

    Vive l’Alsace et vivent les kugelhopfs ! ton billet faisait plaisir à lire 🙂

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