Syria meets deadline to destroy chemical weapons production facilities

This may all be out of a slip up by Kerry, and clever egoistical maneuvering by Putin, but you have to acknowledge the good coming out of it. I salute the chemical weapons inspectors for their commitment.

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One Response to Syria meets deadline to destroy chemical weapons production facilities

  1. David Markun says:

    I see it as a sign of progress in the world that for once, the leaders of the most powerful nations are behaving to the standard encouraged by pre-kindergarten teachers everywhere. Use your words, tell us what you want, instead of throwing a tantrum. I think the chemical weapons inspectors are incredibly courageous to do the work they do, especially under the current conditions in Syria. I give Obama credit for not getting railroaded into undertaking military action under his own authority but instead putting the question to Congress. I even give credit to Congress for not taking military action. I have long thought that the Syrian government might have thought of their chemical weapons as a problem, rather than an asset, under conditions of widespread revolution, so it is not shocking to me to see Assad willing to have them destroyed.

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