InPrivate Browsing as a solution to cookie hell

Frequently with browsing to access controlled content at work such as SharePoint, Azure Management Portal, Windows Live or other intranet and extranet hosted services, I run into a problem that my internet browser saved my last used identity in a cookie, give that cookie to the website and the website denies the access without prompting first for an alternative identification. This is particularly painful when Windows Live ID uses the cookie, determines it knows you and you connected from a trusted computer such that it never prompts you to use an alternative ID, instead redirects you back to the network resource that wanted to know your Live ID and denies you based on it.

Today I learned a quick way to escape it – when opening the URL of the wanted network resource, hit within IE the keys Ctrl + Shift + P to instantaneously re-open the same URL in an InPrivate instance of IE. Because it’s InPrivate, your existing cookies will not be accessed and you will be prompted for your identification.

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