Resolving remote desktop copy-paste not functioning

I’m a big fan of using remote desktop and local virtual machines in my development environment as different projects I am contributing too have different, sometimes conflicting, sets of tools and versions of these. I also need virgin VMs to test built outputs without the side effect of having all the development tools installed.

An annoying issue is that the much convenient copy-paste service between the VM host and VM guest is not very stable. As the user you end up simply having elements you copy on one side not available on the other (no error is shown, the error is silent). The brute force and inconvenient solution is to restart both the VM guest and VM host. That can be quite disruptive when you are in the middle of something.

There is a rather simple workaround for this, albeit arcane. You need to restart the rdclip.exe process. In windows 10, you will find it in Task Manager Processes view under the same RDP Clipboard Monitor (RDP stands likely for Remote Desktop Process). Terminate that process, then run (Win+R) rdpclip.exe

Do this in both the VM host and the VM guest.

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