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Syria meets deadline to destroy chemical weapons production facilities This may all be out of a slip up by Kerry, and clever egoistical maneuvering by Putin, but you have to acknowledge the good coming out of it. I salute the … Continue reading

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Enlightening infographic about Windows 8 Ouch.

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Voter inutile, …

Voter inutile, c’est voter PS. L’arrogance de l’UMP en Amérique du nord ne connait pas de limite. Déjà l’année dernière les électeurs ont rejeté aux urnes leur candidat parachuté de la métropole (Frederick Lefebvre). Suite à une contestation de la … Continue reading

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PlayStation 4 Is No Game Changer The article is almost a waste of time reading, but I liked the title just a day after posting myself about the upcoming new Kinect. The article is a tad shallow on its analysis. … Continue reading

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Not a revolution, but still exciting Clearly the next generation of Kinect sensor is not going to revolutionize the living room like the first generation did. Still, it looks like we will get a very significant step up in the … Continue reading

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A geeky sense of humor The folks at iFixIt certainly have a sense of humor while tearing down the freshly released Microsoft Surface Pro. Open the pod bay doors please, HAL.

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“…working together and Sinofsky had his middle finger extended”

That’s a former boss I’m glad to see go. I’m however not too sure how his replacement, Julie Larson-Green, will do. She’s at core an UI person. Windows 8 UI needs much finishing work for the next iteration of Windows … Continue reading

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