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(During a code …

(During a code review) Engineer A: “Why do [X]?” Engineer B: “No reason. (actually there is a reason but it is a bad one and would require a lot of typing).” Not everyone is capable to criticizing oneself objectively. Kudos to … Continue reading

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Folks,Our bug …

Folks, Our bug count has been creeping up in a fairly steady rate very unlike the value of my stock portfolio. Unfortunately this doesn’t evoke the same sentiment as it would had it been my portfolio. From a Dev Manager … Continue reading

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A geeky sense of humor The folks at iFixIt certainly have a sense of humor while tearing down the freshly released Microsoft Surface Pro. Open the pod bay doors please, HAL.

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Holy cow Obama can shoot fireballs. Watch out Mittens!

No, this picture was not Photoshop’ed. Just some silly fun.,0,2920017.photogallery

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Oil Can Henry’s in Renton, WA – Friendly, clean but overpriced

I recently changed the oil of my Mazda CX-9 at Oil Can Henry’s in Renton as they sent me a discount coupon. Their advertisement claims the quality of a car dealer service but below the price of a car dealer … Continue reading

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The last great act of defiance

The last great act of defiance

Acer’s uprising against Microsoft’s Surface

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Geekology: Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

A find from my boss, actually, who was quite seriously discussing the challenges of online meetings which time conflict with commute hours.

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